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Khun Thanyarat and Khun Aphiwat Honglertklin with Nong Chokun

Blastocyst Culture

You were pregnant twice but aborted twice. You came for a detailed examination. So you knew that your problem was that the Fallopian tube was blocked on one side.

We have heard that some married couples, after they've got married, want to travel first or work first. or live a full life together first. They will have children later, because they can wait. But with some couples, after they have got married, they want children. They don't want to wait, like this couple Aphiwat and Tanyarat Honglertklin, who came today to tell us the story of how they had a child by the "blastocyst culture" method.

You're still not very old. Why did you have to go through a medical procerdure to have a child?

"Thirty years old. We were married and let things be, because we wanted children. I was pregnant twice. By the time I had been pregnant for a month or so , I aborted. That was the problem. Every time I got pregnant, when the pregnancy had lasted for something over a month, I always aborted" Khun Thanyarat began.

"But we wanted children. We didn't want to be older than this. We were scared there would be some problem. Fortunately we read the newspaper and saw a doctor's column that said there was a new medical procedure called a "blastocyst culture." I was very interested, so I invited my husband to come for a consultation with the doctor."

"I told the doctor about my problem. He gave me a detailed examination and found that the problem was that the Fallopian tube was blocked on one side and also there was a problem of a low hormone level. As soon as the examination was over and we knew what was causing the problem that I couldn't have a child successfully, we decided to go ahead."

You decided to do it by means of a "blastocyst culture."?

Yes, we decided to do it this way, because the doctor explained every stage to us. We thought the percentage success was high. When a month had passed we made an appointment with the doctor" Khun Thanyarat said confidently.

Did you feel there was any difference between the medical procedure and the natural method?

"No, we didn't think there was any difference, because the doctor explained it to us so we understood very well. The blastocyst culture way is to cultivate the infant like a seedling. It is to take egg cells of the mother and sperm from thr father and let them fertilize outside the body.

After that, they are hatched in an incubator at 37 degrees Celsius, the same temperature as in the uterus. We wait about 6 days to allow the little ones to develope to the blastocyst stage, while a technician watches over them all the time, so that they get the same advantages they would in the mother's womb. You can think of it as different from a "test tube baby" that is nurtured for only 2-3 days outside the body - to give it the chance to go wrong! Then there is a high percentage of embryos that do not implant in the uterus. But with this way, when the blastocyst has developed to its maximum stage and is put back into the uterus, this enables it to get well implanted and develop as in a normal pregnancy.

So we are confident, bacause the eggs are my eggs and the sperm is my husband's. Therefore the child is our child" Khun Thanyarat explained with determination.

"Did you feel nervous during the treatment?

"I was not nervous. The doctor told me all the time not to get stressed, because when I was under stress, a hormone would be released that would affect whether of not it took hold. So I absolutely should not be nervous or worry. I could go out at ease. I should not go to much effort. I should make up my mind to take it easy.My husband could take me out regularly. I should rest at ease (in a tone of contentment)."

What was the result?

"The first time it was done it was successful. I was very happy. We had Nong Chokun. He was big and weighed 4,500 g. at birth (Ho!). How, at 1 month old, his weight has got up to 6,200 g. (Ho! Ho! ... laughing softly). Nong Chokun is normal. He's not at all complaining.

Would you like to say something for people who meet with the same problem over having a child?

"I would like to say: This method does not have any problems. The doctor explained every stage in detail, enabling out family to participate in making a decision at every stage. The doctor told us what to do. We followed his instructions. Nong Chokun was born strong. He didn't have any problems. Also, the doctor and the nurse took very good care. They worked full time with me. Because a relative had had experience of going to see doctors at other hospitals. They waited for the doctor for 3 hours, but saw him for only 3 minutes. But at Perfect Woman they looked after me very well, they worked full time with me."

Khun Thanyarat concluded her discussion with us on the theme that "If you can have a child yourself, you like to have a child yourself; but, if you have a problem, when you come for medical advice, it is better to let the doctor help you by means of a 'blastocyst culture'

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