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“We have been married for 9 years and always want to have a child from the very start but could not. We have consulted many famous doctors who are experts in this field. At our 6th attempt with Dr. Tongtis, our dream finally came true.”

     You might have heard people saying “People that are not ready always ends up pregnant easily while some people, ready in all aspects to have a complete family, ends up having the hardest time producing one”. Some people might never have experienced this and thus, would not understand. One couple, Mr. Varut Satidtanasarn and Dr. Sasiwimon  Smittitatana have been there and done that.   Blastocyts Culture

     On an early beautiful Sunday morning in the lobby of Urbana Condominium, we were greeted warmly by Dr. Sasiwimon  and Mr. Varut. In front of them was a baby cart and in it was their adorable daughter, Raryn Satidtanasarn. The lovely little angel was sleeping soundly. The Satidtanasarn family smiled with happiness before willingly shared their successful story with us on the Blastocyst Culture, the most advance infertility treatment for infertile patients.

    Dr. Sasiwimon told us, “We have been married for 9 years and wanted to have a baby from the start. We tried really hard but still couldn’t. So we consulted with many doctors that are specialized in this field. To be specific, we have been to 6 of them in all. During our 6th attempt, we are grateful to meet with Dr. Tongtis. At first, we went through a series of similar observation and testings before engaging in the ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). We have done it 6 times and the 6th attempt was a success.

    Prior to this fruitful attempt, we had undergone ICSI several times but they were never successful. What’s more frustrating was that the doctors were never able to explain to us why those attempts were successful. All they could say was try again. At that time, we were very discouraged and depressed. Every new attempt was more heart-breaking than the previous one. In the end, we decided to pause, sometimes for 3-4 months and sometimes for 6 months. It had been like year during our last 9 years.

     “We were hopeless”, Dr. Sasiwimon then paused momentarily before adding in sad tone, “We have come to the point where we wanted to stop everything, give up and learn to accept our ill-fate. Coincidentally, my husband was invited to attend a seminar on “Blastocyst Culture” and he asked me to come along. I told him I didn’t want to go since I didn’t want to face another disappointment. And it was me who had to go through countless treatments and the pain attached with them; sometimes over 10 injections on one visit. In the end, my husband ended up going alone.”

    Up to this point of the interview, Mr. Varut added, “In fact, I feel that the procedures and the theory behind blastocyst culture are nothing complex and hard to understand at all. You have the have full confidence from the start to the end. Every step along the way is of equal importance, starting from examination step. I then began to see that the blastocyst culture was the alternative that would be closest to the natural reproducing method. We have to pay full attention and never neglect any detail or step along the way.”

    Dr. Sasiwimon then said, “We had many unpleasant experiences with ICSI. We were never sure as whether to give it another shot. But during our last attempt, we felt so much better and with so much confidence. We were able to understand the concept and our understanding developed to a greater level after the consultation with Dr. Tongtis. Every step along this procedure was consistently checked by meticulous examination. We would always have the answers to why it was successful and why it was not. With Dr. Tongtis at Piyavate, we were very confident from the start up to the end.”  

        How ready were you for another Blastocyst Culture?
Because we exercise regularly, so when we found out that we had to go through another episode of Blastocyst Culture, we were physically ready. Most importantly, we know that we have to stay relaxed but sometimes, it’s very hard to manage and suppress the excitement and stress on the outcome of the treatment. First procedure was examination, to pinpoint to where the problems exactly were. From this, we learned that problem with Mr. Varut was that he had sperm disorders with low counts. On the other hand, the examination process for Dr. Sasiwimon was very thorough and from it, we learned that she was suffering from hormone dysfunction. Nobody would have thought that the treatment of the dysfunctional hormone was the key to our success.

        How did you feel when you found out that the fertilization was successful?
In excitement and immeasurable joy, Dr. Sasiwimon exclaimed, “It was like a dream come true! I have waited so long for this very moment, so long that I’ve never thought this day would eventually come.”

    Mr. Varut interrupted, “The doctor was even more excited than us when he called to inform us,” he laughed out loud before continuing to say, “At that point, I had a feeling that we all were on the same team; the team of nurses, doctors and us. Everyone treated us extremely well, physically and emotionally.”

        Were you feeling stress at that point?
“… Very Stressed. I have lot of work and with high responsibility. Eventually, I made up my mind to rest. Therefore, I came and stayed in the Service Apartment so that I can be near the doctor. I also worked from the Service Apartment and spent most of my free time drawing. I drew over hundred of pictures during that period.”

    Mr. Varut said, “We were aware that the blastocyst formation was a success but still, there are the remaining 8-9 months that we have to take care and overcome.” 

    Dr. Sasiwimon added, “I was feeling lot of pain but the baby was still too small and not due for delivery yet. There was virginal bleeding and I began feeling the contraction. I had to be admitted into the delivery room for 20 days and after 36 weeks, น้องระริน was born and her weight was 2,890 grams. She was relatively big for a newly born baby. One week prior, I was feeling pain starting from Monday to Sunday. So on Sunday, we called the Perfect Woman and then the doctor told us that it was time for the Caesarean section. Everyone was very excited.”

        How is your daughter now? Is she healthy?
“She is very healthy and well-behaved. We are very lucky…”

        Any advice for other infertile couples that have the similar problems?
“Time is a very precious commodity. Nothing is more important than time. Never wait, find out as much as you can about the latest and most efficient technology and of equal important is the specialized doctor in this field. Even if you have to sit and wait for the doctor the whole day, you have to do it. From our experiences, we used to assume that all the treatments are the same and all doctors are of same caliber.  We were so wrong.”
“At that point, we strongly believed that we should receive the best treatment and “Blastocyst Culture” seemed to be the solution. So we spent a lot of time researching and finding out which specialist is the best in the field.”

“The technology part is very important. What’s more important than this technology is the person who implements it. In addition, emotional management is another crucial ingredient. All these 3 ingredients have to be in balance in order to achieve successful result”, Mr. Varut added.

     We have reached the conclusion of this heart-touching interview. I am sure we have been very impressed and inspired by the determination to have a child of this couple. From this determination, we witness the unconditional love that the Satidtanasarn couple has for one another. Words cannot describe their love comprehensively. I know every reader would want to experience something great like this too.

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