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Khun Chilarat Singsutham / Khun Nantharat Asawachip The children Phordi and Phorphieng

Khun Chilarat Sinsutham, a mother of 35 years, has now assumed the role of a mother full time, as she must now look after twins, a son Phordi and a daughter Phorphieng, who are at the age when they need close and devoted attention. Both children are at age 6 months and are in robust health.

Blastocyst Culture

It's enough to explain the circumstances that made it necessary for you to have a child by the blastocyst technique.

It is this. After being married for about two years, when we had not practiced any birth control measures, but left it to nature to take its course, there was still no sign of a child. In addition, a family member on the side of my husband, Nantharat Asawachip, who is Chinese, the grandmother-to-be, was in a hurry to have grandchildren. We ourselves were getting older every year and we were afraid this would stand in the way (my husband was 40). We both went for a physical check-up. No problem was found - everything was normal. Fortunately my sister-in-law, who had some information, both from the radio and from literature put out by Perfect Woman Institute, on treating the condition of infertility, came to talk to us about it and further invited me to go with my husband to hear a presentation on the subject. Having heard it, we were interested and so went on the register with the Perfect Woman Institute. Not long afterwards we had an appointment to go for a blood test and a check of hormone levels. Again everything was found to be normal.

I take it this is the first time you had any serious treatment for infertility?

Yes, it began with injecting an ovulatory hormome to release eggs. The eggs were taken out and put into a culture medium. The were tended for about 5-6 days before they were put back into the uterus. In my case, after they were put back, I had to stay at the Hospital for 2 days. It turned out finally that two strong and perfectly formed embryos had been implanted. At first I asked the doctor if I could choose their sex, but he wouldn't allow it. He said that, the first time it was done, they did not want to have that kind of choice. Rather, they wanted to take the two most well formed and strongest embryos as the standard.

How did you feel when you knew it had succeeded?

I was happy because, as I said, this was the first time I had received treatment. I had not expected to get two children at once. So I was very happy indeed.

What do you think was the main factor that made you decide to get treatment at the Perfect Woman Institute ?

The process and information about blastocysts that we heard at the time we joined the seminar aroused our confidence and interest. We thought it was convincing. As well as this, we had already heard of the reputation of the Director of the Institute, Dr. Thongthit, for treatment of infertility.

Did you have any worries beforehand or when you received treatment?

I did'd worry because it was the first time. The doctor advised me not to get tense, not to go to bed late, and to take healthy meals, because the medicine I was getting would exert most of its effect at about 10 to 11 o'clock. It was troublesome at the first stage that I had to be injected with a stimulant hormone every day in succession for about 1-2 weeks (I certainly couldn't spend the time because it was already late). During that time I could work. At midday my husband must meet me to go to the hospital every day.

What expense did you go to in making a blastocyst?

In my case I think it was worthwhile because I got two children from only one attempt. If you compare it with other cases, some attempts must fail before there is success. Each case is different, according to how difficult or sinple the problem is. But I was confident that I would get good care. I could phone the doctor for advice all the time. I was impressed with the service. the devoted care, and the advice from the doctor and staff concerned.

Have you any advice for other people and recommendations to make to the Institute for improvement?

Nowadays the blastocyst process is getting rather more widely known. For people who have just got married and want children but do not want to wait, it can be regarded as one option to meet their needs. For people who are really interested, I would like them to come to hear some information before making a decision. As regards the Institute itself, the number of customers has increased greatly. This causes each case to have to wait a long time for service, which would likely be because Dr. Thongthit is the only doctor with specialized experience in this field.

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